“You don’t have to have much before you give, for the little you have can make a difference in the life of others”- Edem Richard Adjordor – Co-Founder and Executive Director of HardtHaven

HardtHaven is located in Kpando Municipal, in a beautiful green area in the Volta Region of Ghana, that is surrounded by green hills and Lake Volta. It is one of the 25 administrative areas in the region and has over 50,000 inhabitants. The children’s home is located in the one of the most central communities at a walking distance from the biggest hospital and various schools. HardtHaven Organization is nationally recognized for our work caring for and rehabilitating unique cases. We are a registered as 501c3 non-profit organization in the United States of America (EIN# 26-1469965) as well as N.G.O in Ghana (national number G,19,510, local number CM 089121). We work close together with the Department of Social Welfare, Ghana Education Service and Ghana Health Service.

The number of children residing in the home varies between 20 and 25, and the ages range between 0 and 18. We have separate male and female dorms, bathing facilities, a dining / learning area, playground, fully stocked library and various other facilities. The five caregivers, all local staff members, provide daily care to the children. They are paid a monthly salary, benefit from services like medical care and support in basic needs, and receive regular on-the-job (refresher) training. Our three administrative and management staff members are all volunteers, with various professional and cultural backgrounds. They provide the necessary organizational structure in daily operations. Our board in the United States of America is responsible for the financial upkeep of the children’s home in cooperation with the team in Ghana.
HardtHaven works close together with many local stakeholders, like the health care facilities, police station and schools. Children are often referred to our care through any of these stakeholders. Before a child is admitted to live in the children’s home we first assess the situation in the community. If it is possible to care for a child at a distance, we encourage community based care. In this case the child and caregiver(s) are admitted into our sponsorship program. We provide support in basic needs and finances, next to education on topics like health, hygiene and nutrition. We also provide temporary in-house rehabilitation in case of severe malnourishment, or other serious health concerns.

If community based care is not possible, a child can be admitted into the children’s home for direct care. This step is taken only when other resources and opportunities are exhausted. Admission is decided upon in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare. From the moment a child is admitted into the children’s home, we fill all necessary paperwork to become the official caregiver. It is our aim to provide every child with the best possible care in terms of health, nutrition, education and mental support.


  • Francisca Nutrition Caregiver
  • Francisca

    Nutrition Caregiver
  • Faustina Nutrition Caregiver
  • Faustina

    Nutrition Caregiver
  • Kafui Health & Hygiene Caregiver
  • Kafui

    Health & Hygiene Caregiver
  • Janet Health & Hygiene Caregiver
  • Janet

    Health & Hygiene Caregiver
  • Emma Nutrition & Hygiene Caregiver
  • Emma

    Nutrition & Hygiene Caregiver
  • Danielle Home Manager
  • Danielle

    Home Manager
  • Jessy Senior consultant
  • Jessy

    Senior consultant
  • Edem Executive Director & Co-founder
  • Edem

    Executive Director & Co-founder
  • Sonjelle Board Secretary
  • Sonjelle

    Board Secretary
  • Joy Board Director & Co-founder
  • Joy

    Board Director & Co-founder