MTV staying Alive Award – this grant allowed us to start the children’s home.
A building was rented and the children’s home opened its doors.
Land was donated to the director of the children’s home.
We sponsor more than 30 families in surrounding communities of Kpando. We started to construct our own building. Our sister organization UNiTED was founded.
We received a grant that allowed us to continue constructing the children’s home. We implemented visiting hours, an after-school activity schedule and Individual Education Plans. We received our US 501c3 non-proft status.
Construction of the new building continued. We implemented the Social Plans.
We received a grant and started our specialist HIV/AIDS health care program. The children’s home was finished and we left the rented building for our own.
The after-school activity schedule, Individual Education Plans and Social Plans were restructured and implemented.
We started a sponsorship program for promising students in tertiary education. We went on our first over-night trip to Wli waterfalls. During the big vacation the children went for an educational one-night trip to Accra.

We got our own borehole to provide a sustainable clean water source to the home.
Our first children graduated from secondary education with success. All children, staff and volunteers went for a two-night trip to Amedzofe.
Our first children applied for tertiary education

HardtHaven Children’s Home was founded in 2007 by Joy Hardt, an American volunteer, and Edem Richard Adjordor, a native of Kpando.

The idea was born through their shared passion to care for the marginalized in society. The children’s home officially opened its doors on May 27th of that year. The home’s initial mission was to transform vulnerable children who are affected by HIV/AIDS into productive members of their community. Under this mission the home started taking in victims of HIV/AIDS and providing them with love, care and support.

Creating a loving home was our main goal, but we realized that educating and supporting families that are in need, in the community may be the solution to prevent situations that lead to severe health issues among children. For this reason, HardtHaven started a sponsorship program for adults and children in surrounding communities of Kpando. We started providing health education on topics like HIV/AIDS, nutrition and malaria in these communities.

We soon realized that HardtHaven did not have the capacity to provide sustainable health education projects in the communities. With the available staff and assistance of international volunteers our core activities remained on providing sustainable care to children and their families in need. We especially care for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), people living with disabilities (PLWD) and children with chronic or progressive diseases. Providing education to communities as a whole was continued by our sister organization UNiTED Projects.

HardtHaven continues to focus activities on providing care to children and their families in need.