Every month a medical doctor visits the children’s home all the way from Accra, the national capital. He examines the health of all children on anti-retroviral (ARV) therapy, and the sponsored people on ARV that need extra monitoring. This service allows us to monitor the health situation of our children with extra care. Early symptoms of the common infections related to HIV are signaled on time. This leads to disease prevention and early treatment. This care also allows us to closely monitor the children’s response to the ARV therapy.

Key aspects of the monthly health checks are:

  • The current health situations
  • Health concerns in the past month
  • The child’s weight
  • Physical state
  • Mental state

The examinations are recorded and medication is provided when needed. If a child gets sick in between visits, the medical doctor provides advice at a distance and a local health care facility is accessed.

Members of our sponsorship program benefit as well from the doctor’s monthly visit. The families can visit the doctor in our home so they can get advice, can be monitored or in extreme cases get immediate help and treatment. Their examinations and possible medication are also recorded so we can provide the best possible care.