Children are referred to HardtHaven Organization through various local stakeholders. The referral mostly gives a good indication of the background of the child and the biggest challenges we will face in caring for the child. Children are referred to us through some of the following partners:

The HIV/AIDS clinic refers women and children, and sometimes a father and child, to HardtHaven for education on HIV/AIDS and related topics like the importance of drug adherence, early medical care, nutrition and hygiene.

The Department of Social Welfare refers children to HardtHaven in case community based care is not an option. The department also refers children to HardtHaven to provide them with a temporary home. In case of a referral through this department, children are often neglected, stigmatized and sometimes abused.

A local health care facility refers a child and his/her mother based on the medical condition. In many cases the child is severely malnourished and the hospital is seeking for assistance in a nutritional rehabilitation period for mother and child.

The police station refers cases of child trafficking and child abused. These cases are fortunately very rare.
Each child that resides at HardtHaven has a folder that contains personal information.

Among this information are the letters from the referring organizations, birth certificate and weighing card. Each folder has a typical content:

  • Registration: registration form
  • Health care: medical records, health insurance card
  • Education: school reports, Individual Education Plan
  • Social: Social Plan
  • Personal: pictures, personal communication

We provide an after-school activity schedule for the children in the home. Every day the children receive help in making their homework. If time permits the children are engaged in educational activities. Every day has a different theme, like English, Math, Sports, Health Education, and Music/Dance.

Our staff members and international volunteers that support the children’s home throughout the year work together in providing the children with the best possible care.